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  Bed & Breakfast  


Welcome to Charlotte Estate Bed & Breakfast

Nestled at the edge of the lush forest, overlooking the Caribbean sea and within walking distance of Roseau, Dominica's vibrant capital, Charlotte Estate Bed & Breakfast is the ideal place to stay overnight for business, a few days more for a romantic getaway or even a week or two to experience Dominica's unparalleled opportunities for outdoor adventures. 

This beautiful homestead built in the 1920s is at the center of an 18th century plantation named after Queen Charlotte, wife of King George III of England. The Main House contains three large bedrooms with private bathrooms, presents traditional West Indian architectural features such as deep verandah, high ceilings for ventilation, wooden hurricane shutters and a steep, pitched roof.

Slightly uphill and behind the Main House, the Cottage, which offers two bedrooms also with private bathrooms, is a newer addition built on the foundations of an old chicken coop. The property is surrounded by mature fruit trees and splendid flower and vegetable garden where our guests can walk freely, relax in the many seating areas or simply linger among the plantation ruins that shelter a chicken coop and a plant nursery.


Other amenities include the Main House's large and inviting Great Room furnished on one side with comfortable leather couches. On the other side, a conference/working area that can accommodate 6 to 8 people is discreetly secluded by luxuriant plant boxes. The Great Room is also where you will find the bar area, where you can relax and enjoy refreshing beverages throughout the day.

Every morning, a freshly cooked meal made with local ingredients and products from the estate garden is served on the veranda overlooking the Caribbean Sea. After breakfast, our guests can opt to relax on the tranquil front porch, listen to the sounds of tropical nature in the various sitting areas of the vast garden, learn about the plants of the property at the nursery or grab their daypacks and venture out to explore Dominica. From hiking the famous Waitukubuli trail to exploring the island's beautiful waterfalls and refreshing rivers, or discovering Dominica's underwater world, visiting the capital's bustling market or decompressing in a natural hot spring, we can organize all the details of our guests chosen activities

We want our guests to experience an unforgettable stay and love Dominica as much as we do.



All five non-smoking rooms are unique and nicely decorated.

Each room is equipped to make our guests as comfortable as possible. Each room is different and has its own large, private bathroom with shower, a comfortable bed, a ceiling fan and mosquito net, locally handmade toiletry products and other small treats.



Services & amenities included in daily rate


Every morning, a freshly cooked meal made with local ingredients and products from the estate garden is served on the veranda overlooking the Caribbean sea.


Free Wifi throughout the property 

Daily Housekeeping

Rooms are cleaned daily, including week-ends. 

Other services & amenities


Enjoy refreshing beverages (alcoholic or not) throughout the day. 

Special requests: with a notice of 48 hours (72 hours during week-ends) we also offer a good selection of wine and spirits available from a tailored list. 

The property is surrounded by mature fruit trees, splendid flowers and vegetable garden where our guests can walk freely, relax in the many seating areas.

Last minute souvenir shopping? We have a nice variety of local handmade souvenirs for a purchase at the reception area

We can organize all of the details of our guests' chosen activities

We are happy to arrange airport or seaport and any other transfers for you.

Douglas-Charles airport is a 90 minutes drive, Canefield  airport is a 15 minutes drive and Express-des-iles is a 5 minutes drive.

Looking for something different?
Massage? Hair braiding?  Hot spring bath?  Free diving lesson? River tubing? Canyoning? We will be more than happy to help you with any requests





300 miles of trails on Dominica are a true nature lover’s dream. Don't miss the famous Boiling lake trail

  Snorkeling & Diving

One of the top ten dive destinations in the world.

From the calmer

tropical fish-filled waters to spectacular drops and submerged volcanic crater,

take time to explore

the underwater enchantment of Dominica

         Boat activities       

Experience sport fishing, whale watching, seabird watching or breath taking scenic boat tours off the coast of Dominica

 Relaxing on the  Beach 
Soaking in Hot Spring 
Swimming in waterfalls

The best ways to release stress!

         Island Tour  

Book a half day tour or even a full day tour to visit different communities and appreciate the various landscapes of Dominica 

Market Tour

Reserve Saturday morning to visit the bustling  waterfront market where everyone  gathers. Chat with the merchants and shop for fresh produce and freshly caught fish.

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        Cultural Sites      

Learn about the  Kalinago people, follow the steps of the Maroons or visit the 18th century military outpost at Fort Shirley.

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DSCN0738_2 -v1.jpg
DSCN1638_2 - v1.jpg

Climb waterfalls, swim through blue pools, hike across riverbeds, repel down rock faces, and jump over cascades into crystal clear waters. 

Dominica has so much to offer,
take the plunge, just come and visit!


March 2020

“We had a wonderful stay at Charlotte Estate, it is an amazing house with beautiful rooms and fabulous views to the ocean and all around the large, lush garden.

Celine and Marcel are fantastic hosts and extremely knowledgeable about the island, they took time to advise us and help organise trips.

The food was Incredible, absolutely delicious. We especially enjoyed trying their interpretation of local Creole food.
I hope it won’t be too long before we return!”


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